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Grease Trap Cleaning Services in Columbus

The local authorities in Columbus, OH, require all commercial kitchens to follow regular maintenance schedules for their grease traps. If you fail to comply with this regulation, your business will suffer tremendously both financially and legally. Many restaurant owners fear such repercussions and stick to their maintenance schedules, but this is not enough. City officials also require that this cleaning or pumping is performed by a company that is licensed and certified. All these rules are there for a reason, and we’ll get into more details in this article.

Before we understand why such strict compliance is necessary, let us talk about some factors that influence the frequency of grease trap pumping. For example:

  • The size of your food establishment
  • The number of customers you serve
  • The amount of greasy food you cook
  • The kind of oil used for cooking
  • The water quality in the area

Columbus Grease Trap Services always considers these five factors before recommending a schedule for cleaning. When you work with professionals like us, all your needs are put first. We have always taken grease disposal seriously, so we are assured that your grease is not harming the environment in any way. In case of emergency services due to overflows, our team is ready to do after-hours pumping to help you fix your problem as soon as possible. In Columbus, our company is known as the most efficient grease trap pumping team, and everyone we work with is always satisfied.

The importance of grease trap cleaning

Grease Trap Cleaning Service Columbus has done a lot of work to ensure that the sewer system continues to function correctly. Billions of dollars have been spent to integrate more effective piping systems and get rid of the old pipes. Deep tunnels were dug and a lot of money spent on permeable pavement and pipelines to keep stormwater from inundating sanitary sewers. It is no wonder why clogging due to grease is unacceptable. Grease traps are the only barrier that prevents FOG from entering the sewer system. Columbus Grease Trap Services uses a fleet of high-tech pump trucks with high capacity vacuum systems that pump out this greasy waste and dispose of it in an eco-friendly manner. If possible, your grease is taken to a recycling area for use as biofuel.

You gain a lot by following a schedule of grease pumping. Among the many benefits are the following:

  • A waste discharge system that runs smoothly without blockages
  • The peace of mind knowing your waste is disposed of in an eco-friendly manner
  • The confidence to continue business operations without fear of penalties
  • A chance to contribute to a safe environment free from fungi and pathogens

Columbus Grease Trap Services has decades of experience in dealing with different types of systems in various locations. This expertise guarantees that we will know exactly how to handle your grease trap pumping and get the job done most efficiently. We love our beloved City and will never jeopardize its safety by taking shortcuts. Everything we do from start to finish complies with the City Code, giving you the confidence that your business is safe from penalties or fines.

To serve our clients better, we make it a point to keep ourselves up to speed about any changes in grease disposal methods or alterations in the City Health Code. Your success is always our priority, and you will never have problems if you work with us. Although some companies use local recycling processing units to dispose of grease, we stay away from this, so your business doesn’t have to pay high taxes.

Bacterial treatments are among the conventional methods used by other companies, but we stick to regulations. We are devoted to quality, so shortcuts never appeal to us.

What makes us different from our competition?

Grease Trap Cleaning Service Columbus and Our Team

This: Our team does more than the basic to cater to your needs.

Since we have a close relationship with our clients, we have developed a sense of loyalty towards them. For us, grease trap cleaning is more than a means to earn some money, and we realize the vital role we play in the success of your business. With this in mind, we strictly adhere to all local codes ensuring our clients are always satisfied with our work.

We value the high reputation that we have earned in our City- something that our competition has yet to get. To maintain such a status, we always give our best to all our clients. Partnering with our company is partnering with a team of professionals who genuinely care for your welfare.

Your success is something we are proud of, and we will always do everything we can to help you reach your goals. Give us a call at 614-289-1981 or complete the form below. Don’t search for other experts in Google, just call us now!



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