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Grease Trap Installation Services in Columbus

One of the first things any aspiring food establishment in Columbus, OH, needs to secure is a grease trap. Grease trap installation and careful maintenance are among the essential requirements for all food-related businesses. The City of Columbus has detailed regulations following the EPA that work to ensure the safety of the City sewer system.

Although being known as the “Buggy Capital of the World,” Columbus is also a food-centric city. Our City is known for its high-calorie foods like hot-dogs topped with spicy corn relish, jalapeño, and pickle relish and pizzas topped with hot-dogs. And how we love to eat these ‘forbidden’ foods in the parks, we are so proud of. The thing with this type of diet is that commercial kitchens produce a lot of greases that threatens the integrity of our sewer system. But don’t worry! Grease traps and interceptors are to the rescue to catch the FOG before it reaches the sewers.

A grease trap traps grease and oil before it reaches the sewage system (thus the name ‘grease trap’). However, with the high amounts of grease Columbus Commercial kitchens produce, these traps soon become full. The maximum allowable limit of a grease trap is 30%, so when we say ‘full,’ we mean it has reached this set limit. A regular grease trap pumping schedule can prevent your trap from exceeding this limit and getting severe fines from the authorities.

Restaurants are not the only businesses’ that require the installation of a grease trap. Other food-related establishments such as church kitchens, office cares, school cafeterias, hospital kitchens, and special needs facility cafeteria all need some grease trap in their kitchens.

The size of the grease trap installed will depend on a lot of the type of establishment. Because of this, our team always follows a personalized approach to grease trap services. We carefully asses the needs of your business according to the guidelines of the City Code before recommending the type of trap installed. When you have your trap installed, we then arrange the best maintenance schedule for grease removal.

The grease trap vs. The grease interceptor

Grease Trap Installation Columbus – In terms of the purpose of the two, there is no difference. Both grease traps and grease interceptors work to prevent FOG from reaching the City sewer system. The difference lies in the capacity and location each is installed. The City has set regulations regarding which of the two your business needs.

For smaller commercial kitchens like office cafés and church canteens, a grease trap is often recommended. The grease trap can only hold up to 200 gallons of grease, which is usually enough for small-scale kitchens. However, for commercial kitchens that have a lot of fried dishes on their menu, a grease interceptor is required. Grease interceptors can handle 750 gallons to 4000 gallons of grease.

One of the other differences between the two has to do with the design and duration of the installation. Grease traps are straightforward and are located underneath your sink. It can take a few hours to install a grease trap. On the other hand, grease interceptors require extensive excavation as they are located underground outside the kitchen. Depending on the area the interceptor is installed, it can take up to a week to get the job done. This factor also means that grease traps are cheaper to install compared to grease interceptors.

Grease interceptors and grease traps have their advantages and disadvantages. One of the good things about grease traps is that they have a low, upfront cost compared to grease interceptors. On the downside, the small capacity means that they require frequent maintenance. Grease interceptors are complicated to install, which means a higher upfront cost. However, interceptors require less regular pumping due to their large capacity.

When it comes to deciding which of the two to install, it’s more than a matter of preference. The City of Columbus has fixed standards that will determine which of traps your restaurant needs. Columbus Grease Trap can provide professional advice to help you with the installation. We need to know three important things before we can help you:

  • How much greasy food you serve, and how regular you estimate pumping will be required?
  • How much time and resources you have to install a grease interceptor
  • How much is your budget

How much will it cost to install a grease trap in Columbus?

No fixed price will apply to all food establishments in the City. Grease Trap installation depends on several factors, such as the layout of your restaurant, which affects the logistics of installation. If your kitchen has a lot that allows the interceptor to be installed near the kitchen, costs are lower than if the facility is further away.

A general price range for grease trap installation is about 2,500 dollars or more, and the cost for grease trap interceptor installation can be 15,000 dollars or more.

As mentioned, these are just estimated to give you an idea of what you can expect during installation. Also, remember that if you are a large commercial kitchen, you have no choice but to install a grease interceptor, so make sure you have the resources to do that. However, for smaller kitchens, you can get a grease trap for a lower amount. Don’t search in Google for experts, call us now!

So what should I do next?

First, you need to schedule a visit from one of our team to give you a free estimate for grease trap cleaning. The inspection will help us come up with a reasonable price while taking into consideration things like the location of your restaurant and the amount of greasy food you serve. Once we get this information, we can give you a close estimate of how much the process will cost.

Get in touch with Columbus Grease Trap Pumping for all your grease pumping needs. WE have experience with all types of traps and interceptors, so there is nothing we can’t handle. Give us a call at 614-289-1981.



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